How often should my piano be serviced?

Professional service is the key. In the first year of ownership, the National Piano Manufacturers Association recommends that you have your piano tuned four times. This is a period of environmental adjustment for a new instrument, and proper attention is important. After the first year, the piano should be tuned at least twice each year, depending upon the frequency of use and atmospheric conditions.

Why does my piano need a pitch correction?

Most modern pianos are designed to be tuned to the standard pitch of A-440. Since the strings of piano are under a tremendous amount of tension, the piano will destabilize when moving its pitch more than 25 cents up or down. When this happens, a second fine tuning will be needed to stabilize the piano at standard pitch. It is highly recommended to schedule an additional tuning within 3 months of the initial tuning series for pianos that need a pitch correction of more than 100 cents.

What will happen during my scheduled tuning?

If this is your first appointment with us, we will perform a comprehensive piano evaluation and make recommendations for the level of service your piano needs. If it has been some time since your last tuning, we recommend that you schedule our Silver Level Service Package and allow for 2-3 hours for the appointment time. This way you will have a clean and well tuned piano when your appointment is over!

What do I need to do to prepare for my tuning appointment?

Please have all pictures, music, lamps and other items off and away from the piano. Also, please refrain from playing music, washing dishes, running the vacuum or scheduling landscaping maintenance. Because we tune by ear, the noises produced by these other activities make it difficult to hear the sound of the piano. 

What is Regulation and does my piano need this?

There are over 10,000 parts in the piano, many of which move. Regulation is the process of properly aligning the parts so that the pianist receives the best possible playing experience. Depending on the age, make and quality of the instrument a custom on-site quote will be performed for the service prior to any work being scheduled. 

Do you move or store pianos?

We currently work with and provide several moving and storage options for your piano. Please call or email for a custom quote!

What is Voicing?

Voicing a piano is the use of needles, filing and sometimes liquids on the felt hammers of the piano to achieve the best desired tone the piano can produce. Too bright? Not bright enough? Maybe you prefer a warm soft mellow tone? These effects are all done through the voicing process.

Do you offer rebuilding or refurbishing of pianos?

YES! From refurbishing to full rebuilds, we can help you accomplish all of your piano service needs. Call us to discuss  your project!

Do you offer solutions for Humidity control?

Yes! We are proud to offer the Dammp-Chaser Piano Life Saver systems. Your piano needs to remain in an environment that has a relative humidity of between 40-45% with a temperature of 68 – 72 degrees. Because the piano is made of many different types of organic materials that expand and contract, the Piano Life Savers system is the best at extending the life of your piano by stabilizing it from environmental fluctuations.

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