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Regular tuning and maintenance is about you and the enjoyment of your piano. Since pianos are made with organic material which contract and expand with humidity fluctuations, pianos should be serviced twice a year. If this is your first appointment with us, we offer a comprehensive piano evaluation and can make recommendations as to the level of service your piano needs. We look forward to meeting you and hearing about your musical journey!

Piano Smiths 

Service Packages

Additional Services

Annual Piano Cleaning- $100

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A clean piano improves the function and enjoyment of creating music. We remove dust, debris and those pesky pencils that accumulate through the year to make sure your piano operates at its best

Deep Piano Cleaning - $200

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Has is been a long time since your piano was serviced? For pianos that may need a little more TLC to get them at their best, we offer a full deep cleaning service!

Pitch Correction - $60

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Modern pianos are designed to be tuned to standard pitch. In cases where the string tension on the piano is too low (more than 25 cents flat), it will be required to do a rough tuning to bring the instrument up to standard pitch (A440). Once the pitch correction is complete, it is possible to tune a piano. This service can be added to anyone of our piano service packages and will be completed at the time of service. An additional follow up appointment may be necessary within 3 months.

Dampp-Chaser Installation - $650

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Dampp Chaser systems extend the life of your piano. Since pianos are made of organic material, they respond to fluctuations in humidity which can cause warping. These systems help to stabilize the adverse conditions a piano faces in our climate.

Concert Service

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Are you hosting a big event or concert and want your piano in top performance? Our thorough concert service prepares the piano to the taste of the most discriminating artist. Call is to discuss your piano service needs and receive your custom quote today!

Institution Services

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Did you know that we also service Schools, University and Churches? We take our same time honored approach to your piano inventory. Having pianos all in one location, allows us to efficiently keep your instruments in tip top shape.  Services include: basic tuning, regulation and voicing. We can also provide consultation for inventory management so that you always have the best functioning instruments available to your students or musicians.

Specialized Services - $100/hr

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Since there are many types of pianos, we offer a variety of specialized services to improve the musicality of your piano. Whether you want to improve the tone, finely tune the touch or have repairs that need to be made, we are able to get your piano in the best shape possible. We also offer full rebuilding and refurbishing services.  Call us today to discuss your project!

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Thinking of Buying or Selling a Piano?

We offer the following services to help guide you through the process:

Piano Location Search - Free

Written Piano Evaluation - $100

Piano Selection - $100

Referrals & Resources - FREE

Expert Knowledge - FREE

Service Areas

Pianos Smiths services the Upstate of South Carolina and Western North Carolina including: Oconee, Anderson, Pickens, Greenville, Laurens, Spartanburg, Macon, Transylvania, Henderson, Polk & Rutherford Counties.

Rates posted are based on travel within Greenville County, SC. Additional mileage charges may apply!